Pottery Cottage in The Guardian Travel pages

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Remembering the Wye Pottery

What is now Pottery Cottage B&B was formerly the pottery workshop of Adam Dworski, who established the Wye Pottery here in Clyro. Our cottage was then known as 1&2 The Village.

Adam’s daughter Marijana sent me this fabulous photo of her in the old pottery c.1961. This photo appeared in the women’s pages of The Telegraph.

I love the photo, and it means a lot to us that Marijana likes what we have done to that room, which must be full of childhood memories for her.

A bit of spice to start the day

A bit of spice to start the day

The breakfast basket (delivered to the B&B room the night before, so you can wake up when you like) is always slightly different, but as long as Alex Gooch – one of Hay’s fabulous artisanal bakers – has freshly baked spiced buns, they’re in the basket. Usual fare also includes: locally made yoghurt, granola, fresh berries and fruit, Herefordshire single variety apple juice. Healthy, wholesome, and locally sourced.

The very hungry caterpillar

The very hungry caterpillar

Found outside Pottery Cottage – a HUGE Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillar. I hope we rediscover it as a beautiful moth!

Thanks to our mini wild flower meadow we have loads of butterflies and bees in the garden. Lots of fresh fruit and veg too. Hard to believe it was a building site just over a year ago!